Sunday, April 13, 2014

Mr. Cameron say sorry to India for Jallianwala Bagh

For a moment please take a pause and visualise what you saw at Jantan Mantar Delhi in Anna’s movement against corruption. Think of that sea of people and think of this…
 Imagine today that without intimation, without warning a police party comes to the place like this, in a rally or a demonstration where there are women ,children, elderly people…unarmed…peacefully demanding what they come for and suddenly
The police start firing indiscriminately…
Just within 15 minute all 1650 rounds are exhausted and the echoing ground is silenced with 1500 dead bodies…
It happened on same Sunday, 13 Apr 1919. Today but 95 years back in Jallianwala bagh, Amritsar Punjab. On that day, our forefathers were slayed and mutilated by a sadist general Dyer.
They were shot and they were not given a fair chance to defend themselves. They were deprived from the basic right to live the life which the God has given them.
They weren’t allowed to leave the place and they were not allowed to live even. They were killed just because all they wanted to have the independence from the British Raj on our own lands. Our children, women and elders were murdered from a man in uniform and from a country which considered its society as the most cultured and sophisticated one in the world.
On this day not one, not ten or not even 100, the satan stopped only when the live rounds exhausted and brutally murdered people numbered to 1500 in just 15 minutes. The criminal even had two canons with his platoon for maximum impact which could not be taken inside the ground because of the narrow gate. May be he wanted to uproot all the natural organics of that garden on that day within two minutes.
The today’s prime minster of Britain Mr. David Cameron musters the courage to visit the place after that fateful day in Feb 2013. In the visitor’s book all he writes was that it was shameful and that it should have not happened but never at a single time and place has he shown slightest of the remorse we the Indians truly deserve.
Dear Mr. PM, my 1500 forefathers were wiped out from earth within 15 minutes by 75 Baloch and Gorkhas under the command of your one monstrous ancestral and you haven’t guts to have a single sigh on this rarest mankind slaughter.
This day, I want from you, the prime minister and the queen of the British Empire, to officially express apology to us because I cannot stop crying when I listen this story of how my people were massacred.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Have we burnt our hands over Devyani Khobragade?

India behaved stupid on foreign matters as always. The problem with us is that we consider ourselves at par to China just because we have a IT SKILLS and ridden over a false wave in 2007 that India is next superpower of the world; which we believed or made to believe so. But we tend to forget that we are still dependent if not entirely on foreign supplies for most of the things.

Unfortunately we are dependent on US too; to a large extend for engines,equipments, spares, high end electronics and other cutting edge technologies; not just for our businesses but even for DRDO, ISRO and HAL also. Barring ISRO, these organisations are the symbols of indian lethargy and red tapism. An example of that whatever we have in our hands in the name of self sufficiency, innovation, growth, progress whatsoever you call it; is this!! And what they produce is mostly junk and even we, ourself would not like to use it for our own systems.We know we will be making fool of our self if we use the equipments developed by these organisations.

India's fighting capability is becoming dependent on US where we have an entire technology imported from US; not just the spares, even the whole set of system are installed on indian soil. In case when we are without the supplies from US how we are going to fill the gap?

The required IT Skilled (which is loosing sheen) is easily importable for US from Philippines and other south eastern countries; in fact, they are waiting to have a pie from Indian share in IT industry.

In the race of comparison with China, we have unfortunately lost the tag of even a worthy competitor. China looks into the eyes because unlike India, China has become self sustained on almost all sector of industry. Rampant corruption in our veins and with a devalued currency ,to make it worse; our sole dependence on US, mishandling the situation just for a suspicious lady...I think we have burnt our hands!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Anna Hazare: How long?

Not first time in my generation, I saw people moving and not that first time I saw so many people united for a cause. Not far back, just remember the 26/11 terrorist attacks? We saw so many people angry and we saw what happened later.
But first time I saw people from all wake of life in India not only angry but I saw them on streets and roads as well. Whereas, in the case of 26/11, people were angry but they did not come on road compromising their jobs and routine tasks.  It was a pure government failure that those Pakistan sponsored terrorists barged into the financial capital of India, did the damage and we, the common Indians thought; may be this is the destiny of this country and preferred not to do anything spectacular. There were few demonstrations and frustration on the system. Few of the people marched with candles and debates ran in news channels but it did not touch the core of the heart of a common Indian and within a week the life returned to status quo.
 Then the series of corruption scandals errupted on the horizon. Right from commonwealth games to 2G spectrum and a new scam often with each passing day, the list got bigger and bigger appearing never to end. People moaned again and again, complaining the agony in different forums but unfortunately the government already neck deep in those scams, by then already gone dump and blind, had not courage and will to fix the problems and as usual we were left to our fate which never seemed to change the course and the country India ….alas…Gandhi could see it.
               Dear Bapu, perhaps nothing has changed in these 65 years! The dream you saw about this nation is dying slowly. The entrepreneurs who took the center stage in 1947-48 have their advanced DNA in present generation of politicians and bureaucrats who have forgotten what they were supposed to do. You were lucky Bapu, you preferred to close your eyes because you could have died otherwise with shame; how your few of fellow Indians are looting the country you fought for your whole life.
               These are not the thoughts I am writing here something  different. Every Indian silently think of this and mourns. But when you are crying in heart, when you are bleeding onto the system and agonized because the life has become more difficult due to someone else and angry because you cannot do anything alone, you tend to surrender yourself to the God because that is the only entity where you find the true solace. And when this surrender occurs at a larger scale, it is meant to be answered, may be that is the reason why we pray in large groups, in mosques, Churches, pujas and in gurudwaras.
               May be the silent prayers of millions of Indians were answered when a 74 year old and hardly known Kisan Bapat Baburao Hazare decided to rise against the goliath corruption. And people realized that he was the man they were waiting for. It was his one call, to rise up against the impossible and I see a phenomenon never happened before. The sea of people all around me could have not been moved on a fake cause. It seems that finally we have a Gandhi here who is truly for us and who can fight a war for us which just few days back, seemed a day dream.
               It has already 11 days he is on fast and each passing day the movement is growing bigger and bigger. The BJP, left and few other parties seem to sit up and take the note of the mood of one and all but that is politics, not sure they are genuine, but the government has gone well beyond shamelessness whose prince appeared today after months only to doubt and criticise the demand of the same people who elected his party in power.
              What a pity? Government does not sense that if the Janlokpal is the demand of the democracy what is wrong to put it on table? When 9 out of 10 people go with Janlokpal why it cannot be implemented if democracy means majority?
For last 11 days a 74 year old man is on fast and the policymakers who are in his age bracket have gone numb to realize how fragile an old body may be at this age? For most of his life, Anna has fought for someone else and been on fast regularly. Even if he has remained winner there, the fasts have taken their toll. He is not equipped with some supernatural powers. He is simply an ordinary human with extraordinary vision and determination but yes his body also demands same calories.
But as I said, already on 11 day on fast how long his body can push? He is already minus 7 kilogram and still counting.  Only determination alone cannot sustain the pressure on his starved organs.
I feel strange these days when I have my food on the table.  Every bite seems asking some uncomfortable questions? How it feels to be hungry for 11 continuous days whereas I started to crack in just one day that too at the age of 33!
            Did government give a thought on it? Yes. It appears that they have taken Anna for granted. Perhaps they want to believe that Anna is used tosuch things. But have they considered for god sake; what if something goes wrong with Anna?  Do they realize what will be the consequences? Do they know it is a 74 year old body; a seasoned but more prone to organ failures? Will they take blame collectively? And how can you forget that at the same age when people respect each other more than anything else, an old man deserves more care and attention? Have Dr. Manmohan Singh, Kapil Sibbal, PranabMukherjee gone insane? How can they eat and sleep in such enormous situations?
For now, I want Anna to break his fast. It is making my life difficult with each new day. The primary objective has been achieved and let the fight be continued with a new strength.  It is not he should remain on fast for the corrupt politicians and bureaucrats, but have food for a common Indian who see a great crusader in him, a source of strength and want to see him healthy and smiling.
It was touching to see an arrested man this day shouting in parliament gate for Anna’s fast “ A man is on fast for last 11 days and nobody cares”: I felt my hair rising!!!!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Arnab Goswami brilliant so far!

Last decade has been a path breaking process for visual media and those 'Breaking news" have increased the interest level of people into the news and events. After Doordarshan era was over when NDTV was picking the pace to monopolise the English media; Timesnow TV arrived and along with people; NDTV   too found it out of race when a single man from timesnow changed whole the equations of journalism. His style of anchoring the shows and news has made him a popular figure among masses but same time few of the people are there who think his style is absurd and he must remain in his limits. At least that is what Congress people complaint of.
This is in respect of recently concluded TV show on Timesnow TV when a veteran Congress leader perspired in front of him and refused to answer his questions which so far did not happened in Indian journalism I suppose.
He replied that government is not answerable to Arnab Goswami but to Supreme Court of India ; but isn't it that before that, the government is answerable to the same people whose government it is and the same people whom Arnab is a part of.
A people's elected government is obliged to answer the questions of those voices who ask government on behalf of people, after all every individual is not in such position to ask such questions which are bound to baffle Mani Shankar Ayyer or Manu Shighavi because when people choose the government, they expect from such people to run the country neat and tight.
And look what Congress did to us? Inflation and scam after scams.......was that the people voted Congress for? And now if Arnab ask those questions which Mr. Ayyer has no answers (I am sure he hasn't; for the prime minister himself of this country has run out of answers) is it Arnab's or a commoner's fault to ask the questions?
Mind it you don't answer the questions it does not mean that the questions will vanish. They will continue to exit.
Bureaucracy wants a journalist to ask only questions which they had a thumping answer. If some question is tossed to them out of league which I call tough question, as  Arnab asks them; there are lot many people who will shout foul in the name of journalism on this issue.
If we go through the data of Arnab community on facebook as well as other social sites, you will find him miles ahead in terms of popularity which is because he represents and asks the questions of millions of common Indians whose voice often goes unheard and unattended.
Now this is something you can understand, I can understand and Arnab followers understand but the shameless government does not understand that they are more answerable to the people than SC.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Enogh is enough Mr. Prime Minister!

Brought to the knees by opposition on JPC issue, there were so many intellectuals in the society and in general discussion here on facebook as well, who questioned over the motive of opposition; specifically BJP; why they are at dead end for formation of a JPC which will look into the 2G scam. Time proved that scam happened and Raja is rightly in the jail.

Congress defended itself and I thought may be this PM was an honest man if not Congress.Frankly speaking I love to hate Congress but as I am told this PM is a good one, I thought of giving him due respect as an individual. What else an average Indian, who is busy in his day to day fight against inflation, 9 to 5 job, a family and social responsibilities and commitments has to do with the power politics in Delhi? Who did think of those crores of rupees piled in those Swiss bank? After all I am happy if I am getting few weeks of leave a god payment and relatively good life!

Well people say that Manmohan Singh is an honest man and I naively believed on it. We make opinion as per the news and people around us talk. Don't we?

Anyway, than one fine day the man agrees to form the much demanded JPC.

Than comes the appointment of Thomas, as a Chief Vigilance Commissioner who fought till date tooth and nail to prove him right till proven wrong; on which right from the beginning, Congress including PM maintained that his appointment was a legalised one and opposition is making unnecessary hue and cry.

Last day The Honourable Supreme Court of India tore apart this argument of Congress and unable to save (Hide) his face, the Prime minister bravely takes whole blame on him. Height of bravery and innocence; few people called it.

Than this day Honourable Supreme Court again blasts away the policy of government on Hasan Ali Tax issue and wanted to know why the government has been delaying the issue?
 Enough is enough.

Has this government gone insane and the PM wild? Don't they see how many time they have been charged for intentional delay on sensitive issues and corruption? And don't they feel how shameful it is to be taken to the task by the courts and committees?

Is there any limil for shame for this government and prime minister?

With all my senses I want to convey : This has been the most unproductive, timid, stupid,cunning prime minister in the history of India. As an individual when very often I go through the frequent failure of this government; my blood boils. I feel let down and I want that; like so many other occasions; the Prime Minister should hereby take the responsibility for my health for not performing what was expected from him.

Sorry to say Mr. Manmohan Singh, you lost your respect in the eye of a very ordinary Indian who by misfortune can't harm you in anyway. Don't worry!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The winner takes the trophy..........

As expected, lastday, England drew the first blood in the most prestigious cricket series 'Ashes' between Australia and England. At the end of day four, England were in strong position as their opponent were behind for more than 150 runs after England's first innings score and had only 5 wickets were in hand after previous day game. In the fifth day, England bowlers dominated and took the remaining wickets very quickly. This win is significant for England as they have created a history by beating Australians in Australia in tests which did not happened in recent, at least I don’t remember, and also winning this match was important for England for they were whitewashed by 5-0 in their previous visit to down under.

Alas, where the hype gone? England is strong favourite here whereas Australia has been virtually brought down to be seen an ordinary team like any other cricket playing country; beaten by the teams like India and south Africa, relatively weaker teams in comparison to the standards which cricket Australia sets for itself. Defeat after defeats, Ricky Ponting might be looking for some magic wand which could fetch Australians the lost glory.
Down but not out yet, Australia has still lot of faith in their experienced sailor in Ricky Pointing who once made the mockery of the cricketing skills of the other cricket playing nations crushing them beneath the hammers of Mathew Hayden, Adam Gilchrist, Andrew Symonds and piercing the opponents castles with lethal accuracy of Glenn McGrath and the menacing pace of Brett Lee where the most seasoned batsmen will fall into the swirling web of the magician, Shane Warne. Only fighting spirits in England in recent past were either Andrew Flintoff or Kevin Pietersen, the same man who was judged man of the match in this match after his valiant double century. Flintoff was such a talent but could not continue his career, blame to his groin injuries. He would always be missed.

Anyway, in this tour England confirmed that they won't let that trend continue as they beat Australia by an innings and 71 runs. It is a very huge win because not many teams beat Australia at their home by an innings and more.
Now with this win England has much needed 1-0 advantage and it seems that they will make full use of it because they seems to the strongest team by far when compare to the current Australia team. One more win will confirm the fact that England won't loss the series and that seems very much possible. Australians seem the most struggling team in recent times.
The topic went slight off-track because this was not something I wanted to write by the way. It was about the trophies we see the with the winners often …The heroes of real life with their hard fought rewards. We see them on TV, kissing the trophy, cuddling, creasing it with tender hand and the proud in those eyes ……..those moments are frozen and we remember the face and trophy. But I am always amused whenever I see this trophy which is the mother of this battle of cricket between Australia and England. Have you noticed how big it is…….. Just watch it you can not stop smiling I hope.
Now this is something like a trophy

And here is the mother of cricket tussel.

Monday, December 6, 2010

A sport minnows called India

Joy of winning
 How familiar these words sound to a sport enthusiast; Novak Djokovic, Nenad Zimonjic, Janko Tipsarevic, Ana Ivsanovic , Jelena Jankovic, Victor Troicki, Monika sales, and Jelena Dokic? And one more question what is the common thing among these players? Well, any tennis player or who follow tennis can easily make it out that these are the names from a country named Serbia; a small country located at the crossroads between Central and Southern Europe.
This must be a very special day in the history of the one of the least known countries to Indians, Serbia, for an extra ordinary feat they achieved this day by winning prestigious Davis cup tennis tournament which has a glorious 110 years history behind it. They are the new champions and truly deserving after beating France in a sea-saw battle of tennis in which Serbia made the history first time for it, when Victor Troicki crushed Michael Llorda in the final rubber in Belgrade, the capital of Serbia.
I am amazed with the success of the Serbia as a tennis playing nation.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Indian Army has blown the fuse

When I wrote in my previous posts about the corruption in Indian Army I have so many reasons to write that. I respect the feelings of the millions of Indian people who still regard Indian Army as an institution which emphasizes the value of honesty and a sense of duty. Despite the scams in Indian army in recent times, many of us continued to believe that the number of corrupt people in Army are numbered, contrary to which I do believe that since the organization system of Army is such that only few can corrupt, the anybody at that position has proved that Army has equally corrupt organisation of India. Just go through the post below which I happen to see this morning in the tehalka website and you will have another sigh ‘Oh no….Not again!’.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

A Pakistani on a facebook forum!

 Last night one of my colleague who was online, asked me why I was again back to blogging after such a long gap for which I hadn’t any immediate answer, however later on, when I mustered the thoughts I found it was due to my growing activities on where I will be in ferocious discussions, left  often contended and satisfied, disturbed most of the occasions with a sense of emptiness and frustration and the blog is the ideal place to flush out your anger.
Last few days have been quite dramatic when we have these Pakistanis joined in a community called India! Jai ho! And where; they like many Pakistanis, are trying to be the caretakers of Kashmiris.
 I had a thread of discussion, where I found these Pakistani responding with their full capacity.
 One of them at most of the occasion appered running out of justifications,logics and clueless however he is very clear at one point. He wants us to believe that if Pakistan has a failed state, so has India.
I thought he would be in the forum with logics and suggestions but he was hell bend to prove his point where he wants to destroy India. Very natural as an enemy of the state India! The enmity continued to get bitter and bitter like our mutual inter-national, so to conclude that discussion I had following few lines to him and one and all Pakistani.
 I hope it was hostility at it’s best provoked by a Pakistani.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The same old story of corruption

Gone those 1,76000 Crore rupees; courtesy to this man.
It is not very welcoming news which I am referring hereby as a ready recokner. This day of 01 Dec 2010, in the front page of a well known international newspaper of united state of America, the news is being published about the so called honest Prime Minister of India. A newspaper, which would tell the rest of the world except already knowing India, that how much corrupt our India has become, justifying our overall standing in transparency international index. And we the Indians, would perhaps give just one thought momentarily “who cares” or “India main aisa hee hota hai” and again busy in our life!!!What a fate this country has.